Greetings, email aficionados! Today, we’re diving deep into the ever-important question that plagues email marketers across the digital landscape: How often should you grace your subscribers’ inboxes with your content?

Whether you’re a novice email marketer or a seasoned e-commerce maestro, finding the sweet spot for your email frequency is crucial. We’ve got some strategies to share that stem from managing over a hundred email lists focused on maximizing revenue through affiliate offers.

The Golden Rule: Tailor Your Strategy to Your List

First things first, every email list has its own unique identity. What worked wonders for someone else’s mastermind meetup might not be your golden ticket. Our insights are drawn from the trenches of managing diverse lists aimed at revenue optimization, so let’s delve into the key question:

How often should I mail my list?

The answer lies in your list’s engagement and revenue metrics. The goal is simple: email as often as your list keeps reaping increased profits. No one-size-fits-all solutions here; it’s all about testing.

To gauge success, set the right metrics. We recommend keeping a close eye on:

  • Complaint Rate: Watch for spikes above 0.1% after increasing send frequency. High complaint rates might label you as a “spammer,” and that’s a label you don’t want.
  • Profitability: Consider the cost of sending emails. Higher volume often means higher costs. Monitor email ROI, eCPM, and top-line revenue, but don’t forget about your email profits.
  • Also, keep an eye on traditional engagement metrics: open rate and click-through rate.

Testing the Waters

When starting a test, stick with your current comfort zone and establish benchmarks. Then, decide on the frequency to test. If you’ve been mailing a few times a week, consider testing daily emails. If you’re already a daily sender, why not explore sending twice a day?

Our typical frequency sweet spot is:

  • 1 email in the AM
  • 1 email in the PM
  • For high-performing lists, we introduce a third daily email around noon.

Diminishing Returns Dilemma

Sending more emails may cost more, and revenue per send could decrease. So, do you keep sending 2-3 times a day? The rule of thumb is simple: the more emails you send, the more money you make. However, it’s not universal.

Our advice? Measure your email profits monthly. Ensure more frequent emails generate greater profitability, not just increased revenue at a higher cost.

InboxGeek’s Pro Tip

Here’s our in-house strategy to keep profits high and complaints low:

  1. Send each day of the week to 30-day openers.
  2. Send every other day of the week to 60-day openers.

Why? 30-day openers respond well to 2 emails/day every other day. And for an alternative approach, vary the segment during each day for a dynamic strategy.

In conclusion, finding your perfect email frequency is a balancing act. Test, measure, and adapt. Let the data guide you, and remember: patience is key. Monthly evaluations ensure decisions are based on long-term success, not short-term metrics.