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With LiveOpens Real-time Inboxing, you can send your emails to subscribers at the exact moment they open their inbox.

LiveOpens revolutionizes the way you reach out to your subscribers, turning your email strategy into a powerful revenue-generating tool. Our unique technology ensures your emails land in your subscribers’ inboxes exactly when they’re checking their emails, leading to dramatically higher open rates and engagement. It’s like having a personal delivery service for your email campaigns.

Why LiveOpens?

Skyrocketed Open Rates

Experience open rates like never before, making your "cold" subscribers warm and responsive

Boosted Engagement

Watch your email performance soar with a guaranteed jump in clicks and interactions from your audience.

Increased Revenue

Turn dormant subscribers into active customers, significantly impacting your bottom line.

How Does LiveOpens Work?

Email Platform Integration

You integrate your email sending platform (ESP) with InboxGeek and sync a list, group, tag or segment

Real-time Inboxing Technology

InboxGeek begins tracking all user activity. Once InboxGeek recognizes a subscriber is active in their inbox, InboxGeek sends an event (API call) to your ESP

Triggered Email Delivered

The Event triggers an automation in your ESP which is setup to immediately send an email of your choosing to that subscriber

Top Email Marketers Love Using InboxGeek

Hear from our satisfied clients who've seen remarkable success with InboxGeek, from major brands to small businesses.

Ryan Heal

I compared a reactivation sequence I built inside Maropost with InboxGeek and the open rates are much higher within InboxGeek. Highest open rate inside the Maropost reactivation journey is 8.5%, but with InboxGeek it's 31%.

Chase Weir Dogtooth Inc

InboxGeek has been a game changer for us and our clients. We have seen a re-engagement rate of up to 72%, while increasing our domain health at the same time! InboxGeek is a MUST-HAVE tool for any company that utilizes email marketing.

Team Loop 7

InboxGeek has been useful for Loop7 Media, and we enthusiastically recommend it to our clients. We have successfully reengaged inactive subscribers who haven’t opened in more than 30 days. On average, InboxGeek has produced open rates around 30% and we’ve seen open rates as high at 65%