Services Agreement

December 9, 2022 2022-12-09 8:25

Inboxgeek Services Agreement



This InboxGeek Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between InboxGeek Inc. (“InboxGeek” or “”) and the Site Owner identified in the signature block (“Site Owner”), effective as of the date last signed (“Effective Date.”)  Site Owner accepts this Agreement to license the InboxGeek services (“Services”) selected in Section 1 or as later modified by Site Owner through its InboxGeek console, and any related documentation that are provided or made available by InboxGeek for use with the Services.  Site Owner and InboxGeek are referred to collectively as the “Parties” and each, individually, as a “Party.”


BY CONFIRMING AGREEMENT VIA THE INBOXGEEK WEBSITE CLICK-THROUGH AGREEMENT FUNCTION AND/OR BY SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT, SITE OWNER EXPRESSLY AGREES TO AND CONSENTS TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Site Owner may not use the Services and may not enter this Agreement if (a) Site Owner is not of legal age or authorized to form a binding contract with InboxGeek, or (b) Site Owner is a person or entity barred from using or receiving the Services under the applicable laws of the United States or other countries including the country in which Site Owner is a resident or from which Site Owner uses the Services. If Site Owner is using the Services on behalf of an entity, Site Owner represents and warrants that it has authority to bind that entity to the Terms and by accepting the Terms, Site Owner is doing so on behalf of that entity (and all references to “Site Owner” in the Terms refer to that entity).  Site Owner understands and agrees that Site Owner and Site Owner’s Users (owners of emails on Site Owner’s lists, including, but not limited to Visitors, as defined in the InboxGeek Terms of Use) are further subject to the InboxGeek Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), located at, and Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), located at, which are incorporated herein by reference as though fully set forth herein.


  1. Services and Fees. Site Owner agrees to pay to InboxGeek in a timely manner every month, the Monthly Fee and Per Event Fee for the Services selected below.  All fees are non-refundable.


    1-6,000 Events

    $199.00 per month

    $0.02 per event


    6,001-10,000 Events

    $199.00 per month

    $0.02 per event


    10,001-25,000 Events

    $425.00 per month

    $0.017 per event


    25,001-50,000 Events

    $749.00 per month

    .0.015 per event


    Over 50,000 Events




  2. Taxes. Each Party is responsible for payment of its own taxes.
  3. Counterparts/Electronic SignatureThis Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which when so executed and delivered will be an original, but all of which will together constitute one and the same instrument and signatures transmitted by facsimile or electronic scan shall be effective.  Any counterpart delivered by PDF or other electronic means (including any electronic signature service compliant with the U.S. federal ESIGN Act of 2000, e.g., DocuSign) will have the same import and effect as original counterparts and will be valid, enforceable and binding for the purposes of this Agreement.