Is Bad Email Engagement Hurting Your Email Performance?

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" Inboxgeek has been useful for Loop7 Media, and we enthusiastically recommend it to our clients. We have successfully reengaged inactive subscribers who haven’t opened in more than 30 days. On average, Inboxgeek has produced open rates around 30% and we’ve seen open rates as high at 65% "

- The Team at Loop7 Email Agency

Your ESP + InboxGeek = More $$$ From Email

InboxGeek is built to deliver your emails the moment your subscribers are active in their inbox app. Imagine the results you’ll get when your emails are no longer buried below dozens of emails. Instead they’re prioritized because they’re delivered with perfect timing.

See massive improvement across all your email KPIs


InboxGeek customers have seen a measured increase of 20% over a period of 3 months


Open rates for InboxGeek customers increase by 25% from day 1. This number is even higher when reactivating “inactive” subscribers (As high as 60%)!


Paid InboxGeek customers have seen an average of a 20% increase in email revenue

Here’s How InboxGeek Ignites Your Email ROI

InboxGeek leverages data networks to detect your subscriber the moment they are active in their inbox

InboxGeek fires an event* notification to your email platform.

The event triggers your ESP's automation to fire your email content at the precise moment.

* An event is an API call: a digital message sent to your ESP’s system.

From Zero to Inboxed in 7 Seconds

InboxGeek has carefully optimized its real-time response, contacting your ESP within 7 seconds of your subscriber opening their inbox. With this kind of subscriber engagement, the results will speak for themselves…

" Inbox Geek has been a game changer for us and our clients. We have seen a re-engagement rate of up to 72%, while increasing our domain health at the same time! Inbox Geek is a MUST-HAVE tool for any company that utilizes email marketing. "

- Chase Weir, Dogtooth Inc

Don’t Worry, Setup is a Breeze…

We directly integrate with all the major email platforms you already know and love..

Plus many more!

Your email data is safe and secure.

Internal security best practices + direct integrations to your ESP means you don’t have to worry about uploading a file of your valuable email contacts. Our promise to protect your data is also clearly stated in our terms of use.

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to

InboxGeek works hand in hand with today’s most popular and dependable email platforms.

Get started in 10 minutes or less.

Do you enjoy the casual reading of some good old fashioned support docs? Or do you prefer a phone call walkthrough with a helpful account manager? Either way we got you covered with a 10-minute integration setup.

" My experience with InboxGeek has been nothing short of incredible. I've been running our company for over 3 years now, and the number of inactive customers we had was approaching 100K. With the help of InboxGeek, we were able to reactivate 21% of customers back into our active email segment which in turn has generated thousands of dollars in additional revenue. Their white glove service has been second to none… If you have inactive contacts on your list, look no further than InboxGeek to help you reactivate them and add some extra cash to your company's bottom line."

- Adam Elkaim, VitalityNow

Put InboxGeek to the test

Try InboxGeek today with a free account, or get started today with a paid account to scale up testing even faster. Our 30 day Money Back Guarantee is here to give you peace of mind. If you don’t get results that you love from InboxGeek, we’ve got your back and will refund your investment.

So go ahead and test InboxGeek risk-free against your current email strategies, and see what Real Time Inboxing can do for your email list.

"I compared a reactivation sequence I built inside Maropost with InboxGeek and the open rates are much higher within InboxGeek. Highest open rate inside the Maropost reactivation journey is 8.5%, but with Inbox Geek it's 31%."

- Ryan Healy,

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Frequently Asked Questions

InboxGeek’s innovative technology to track subscribers in the precise moment they are active in their inbox.

We send an API call to your ESP in real time that triggers your automation, landing your email content in your subscribers inbox while they are active.

 Email marketers, e-commerce, entrepreneurs, and anyone that is seeking better deliverability, higher open rates, boosted revenue, and ROI from their email agenda

No code or IT is required, you can set this up in a few simple steps within minutes using our easy integration guide for esp’s, or use a webhook for MD5 encryption.

You will improve all key metrics like open rate and click-through rate, which translates directly into more revenue and ROI. 

You can sign up now, here for your free trial, no credit card needed.