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LiveOpens FAQs

InboxGeek’s innovative technology to track subscribers in the precise moment they are active in their inbox.

We send an API call to your ESP in real time that triggers your automation, landing your email content in your subscribers inbox while they are active.

Email marketers, e-commerce, entrepreneurs, and anyone that is seeking better deliverability, higher open rates, boosted revenue, and ROI from their email agenda

No code or IT is required, you can set this up in a few simple steps within minutes using our easy integration guide for esp’s, or use a webhook for MD5 encryption.

You will improve all key metrics like open rate and click-through rate, which translates directly into more revenue and ROI. 

You can sign up now, here for your free trial, no credit card needed.

LiveLeads FAQs

LiveLeads begins capturing leads immediately upon placing your script onto your webpage. InboxGeek promptly gathers, validates, and forwards visitor information to your account.

InboxGeek offers comprehensive compliance measures including guidelines, customizable privacy policy text, and a tailored cookie modal to ensure adherence to legal requirements.

No, InboxGeek provides a feature allowing you to sync existing subscribers, preventing the capture and unnecessary expenditure on their information.

 Placing the uniquely generated script involves access to your webpage's header. InboxGeek offers a step-by-step guide compatible with most website management tools. Additionally, you'll have access to a dedicated account manager who can provide further assistance via video call if needed.

 Leads are securely stored within your InboxGeek account. You can conveniently download them into a CSV file or have them automatically sent to a designated email service platform.