Pit bull: characteristics and description of the breed.

Pit bull: characteristics and description of the breed.

This breed has its origins in Ireland and Great Britain, where dog fighting was very popular. Bulldogs and terriers were used in the creation of these dogs. It was from the first that they inherited tremendous strength, perseverance, and from the second – a quick reaction.

A little later, these dogs came with immigrants to America, where this breed was registered.

Another purpose of the pit bulls was to guard houses, and also to participate in the hunt for large animals in hunting grounds.

Recently, the breed is gaining its former popularity and is very common, both overseas and in the CIS countries. It is actively exploited by state security services (police). The ability of a pit bull: subtly perceive and recognize odors used to search for explosives, as well https://mx.reviewing.site as drugs.

The purpose and nature of the pit bull.

If you want a faithful companion, a devoted friend, a pit bull is capable of embodying all these qualities. He can become an excellent guard for your home, a bodyguard for you and your children. The animal can live perfectly both in a city apartment and in a private house, it is important not to keep it on a chain.

This dog is a good companion with great energy and activity. The animal always and in everything wants to be useful to the owner, they are hard workers by nature. They love outdoor games, and perform various kinds of tasks.

If the dogs are constantly busy with something, then their owner will always see the animal docile and positive.

It is not recommended to have pets of the same sex, if, for example, you want two pit bull terriers in a family.

Video review of the pitbull dog breed.

This pit bull video debunks the myth that a pit bull terrier is a killer dog with exorbitant aggression. A description and a small excursion into the history of the Pit Bull Terrier breed is carried out. It explains how to educate a dog, what traits of its character should be emphasized, and what should be corrected.

How to choose a pit bull terrier puppy.

Before you get a pet of this breed, you need to answer a simple question for yourself – what is the purpose of buying it? There are several varieties of the classes of these dogs:

Pet class. These dogs do not offer further breeding and participation in show events. This includes both puppies with a long pedigree and simpler dogs .. Breed class.

Puppies from this class have stellar parents, with these dogs it is a sin not to take part in competitions. Also, animals from this class are suitable for breeding. Show class.

This includes puppies with a long pedigree, which must participate in various competitions and claim the highest awards.

Abroad, it is customary to take puppies at the age of 6-8 months, when the character and skills of the puppy are formed, he is trained by the breeder in all the “dog” wisdom. In this case, the dog’s habits are formed and it will be very difficult to retrain the pet “for yourself” if something in his behavior does not correspond to your ideas.

Therefore, you can take a puppy at a young age, but already strengthened, that is, at the age of about 8 weeks. At this age, he will be able to get the necessary skills from his mother, learn to communicate with brothers, receive the basics of socialization, that is, develop a scheme for communication with a person.


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