Concern Why do I have a browse receipt from Android os associates whenever both of us ask them to switched off?

Concern Why do I have a browse receipt from Android os associates whenever both of us ask them to switched off?

We have an iphone 6 plus, Rogers provider, updated to 10.2.1

Ever that they have read my message since I got this phone (almost 2 years ago), when I send a text or image to my friend who has an android phone (various other carriers), I get a text saying.

I’ve most of these functions down and thus do my associates.

We contacted Rogers while the technology help had been really patient so we attempted a few apparent things. The best way we might get this to prevent would be to switch off imessage. Whenever imessage is down. I’m able to text those connections regular texts and images and I also have no receipts that are read. We attempted deregistering and reregistering with imessage and we nevertheless have read receipts.

We note that in iOS 10, we could turn browse receipts on or off for individual conversations. But also for my android connections this choice is certainly not available whenever I edit the contact.

This will be demonstrably and apple problem and never a provider problem. Just exactly What else may I decide to try? And that can Apple please abort this ridiculous browse receipts?

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Sorry, but browse receipts are delivered through the unit where in fact the message is gotten. The delivering unit has no control over whether or otherwise not it’s going to understand if a note happens to be read or otherwise not. It delivers the message, and will let you know it is often delivered, but from then on, it really is disengaged from that message and Dog dating contains no information regarding what’s or perhaps is maybe not taking place to it from then on point.

Your buddy has to consider this from their end. They must either have actually a send read receipt choice fired up somewhere, or they need to be having a software like WhatsApp due to their communications.

There is no method your iPhone can likely have any information about tasks that take destination on a computer device you’ve got delivered a note to when the message happens to be delivered.

Well the technology support from Rogers had me personally text their phone that is personal and had no browse receipts on any one of their apps.

Additionally that does not explain why when iMessage is switched off that the browse receipts would stop from androids

Tech help got in if you ask me once more when I wondered if it revolved around old computer software on Samsung phones. Listed here is the solution. It’s iOS

This can not be a Samsung thing cause my Android os we had been testing with is and LG. We additionally lack an Advanced Messaging function to my phone. I’ve done even more testing and research since we chatted early in the day. Almost every other Apple unit we tested has also been getting a browse receipt when they delivered me personally a photo message and iMessage had been ON, yet not with regards to had been down. An iPhone can simply get these browse receipts when iMessage is on. In and Android os unit you have the choice to Request A delivery report and also to allow Delivery reports also become delivered whenever required. Androids are set by standard to permit Delivery Reports when required, this is often switched off though on specific products. The iPhone menu won’t have exactly the same choices, you’ll just toggle off and on the browse receipts if you’d like to deliver a receipt for a note which you received and read, you simply cannot turn the option off to NOT receive delivery reports. iMessage is scheduled by standard to request distribution reports if an individual can be acquired. Since Androids are set by standard to send a written report whenever required, you will be getting distribution reports for picture communications provided for Androids (this isn’t always the situation on older Androids with older systems however the more recent people like mine are set similar to this). It might be great if the Apple operating-system had the choice not to get read receipts when delivering an image message however it appears this is one way it had been conceiv! ed (this might are also various a few years back on an adult Apple iOS) Conclusion: this is certainly just just just how the operating-system on the phone had been designed to behave. Its designed to give you a browse receipt whenever giving a photo message and iMessage is fired up. The perfect solution is is apparently just to turn the iMessaging off but this may turn fully off the many benefits of iMessaging between iPhone users. I really hope this can help get a far better knowledge of the problem. Inform me if you’ve got any concerns


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