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Perinatal mental disorders – depression, anxiety and somatic disorders – can be detrimental to women’s health, pregnancy outcomes and infant neurological, cognitive, emotional, and social development . Maternal mental health has been linked to reduced responsiveness in caregiving and higher rates of behavioral problems in children and young adults . In 1990, Helen’s sister, Myrna Mack, an anthropologist, was murdered for her views on the human rights abuses against indigenous Guatemalans during the civil war. In 1993, she established the Myrna Mack Foundation to continue her sister’s legacy to promote human rights in Guatemala. Today women in Guatemala are killed at nearly the same rate as they were in the early 1980s when the civil war became genocidal. Yet the current femicide epidemic is less an aberration than a reflection of the way violence against women has become normalized in Guatemala. Used to re-inscribe patriarchy and sustain both dictatorships and democracies, gender-based violence morphed into femicide when peacetime governments became too weak to control extralegal and paramilitary powers.

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Patients have access to the community nurses and the clinic at the Center for Human Development for ancillary and post-trial care. Care related to any adverse outcomes of any contraceptive use will be covered by study funds, but routine contraceptive management and care will not be covered under study protocols.

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First, it applies a historical intersectional analysis, which acknowledges the importance of historically constituted and interacting forms of marginalization based on multiple categories of difference. Second, it draws on the literature of anthropology of the state, which highlights the importance of studying the impact of reforms at the level of quotidian interactions between government officials and individual citizens. This analysis reveals the importance of including place alongside more commonly studied categories of difference such as gender, ethnicity, and class.

In 2014, the Dresdner Philharmonie Orchestra invited her to sing with them in Mexico City and later offered her to record and film a video for her ballad “Ch’uti’xtän (Niña),” which achieved great airplay on social networks in Guatemala. In 2016, she toured the United States and performed at the United Nations headquarters in New York, during the Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues. Her songs blend Kaqchikel and Spanish, celebrate Mother Earth, her ancestors, and Indigenous women, but also offer encouragement to Guatemala’s Mayan struggle for justice. Wetherborn’s grandparents moved from Jamaica to Guatemala to work for the United Fruit Company. Growing up in Amatitlan, she was part of the only Black family in town and endured racist bullying at school.

  • The measures would provide basic social and economic rights frequently denied to Guatemala’s indigenous and rural communities.
  • The abuelas of Sepur Zarco, as the women are respectfully referred to, are now waiting to experience justice.
  • We may have excluded working mothers, women facing particularly harsh living conditions, women not given permission to participate, or women with poor levels of trust.
  • In order to promote local economic development amongst women, USAID provides vocational education, expanded market access for women-owned enterprises, business development services, and access to agricultural technology.
  • “When the soldiers found me they grabbed me, took me to the river, and raped me. ” Teresa Sic recalls.

Comadronas’ unique contributions to women’s psychosocial health would be worth elucidating further, as would be their ability to transmit resilience factors and endogenous resources rooted in the local context. Farming for the Future empowers Ixil women with the necessary skills and resources to combat poverty in their communities. guatemalan chicks Higher incomes and improved quality of diets enables Ixil women to live healthy lives and become economically self-sufficient. Promoting the active participation of Ixil women in the political, social, and economic life of their community increases women’s status, and reinforces their voices as community leaders.

Even if authorities aren’t actively complicit in the crime — which is sometimes the case — they often display the same prejudices that generated the violence in the first place. But recent statistics show that the number of asylum cases approved overall has dropped sharply this year. Advocates say that there has been a visible narrowing of opportunity at the credible fear stage, where migrants rarely have the assistance of a lawyer who prepares them to make a nuanced argument for why they need protection. Groups working in border detention centers say that, anecdotally, they’ve seen an increase in denials of credible fear from domestic violence cases since June. Sessions’s decision led to new guidelines for officers who conduct “credible fear interviews,” an initial step in a petition for asylum at U.S. The new guidance follows Sessions in saying that gang and domestic violence cases likely won’t qualify, and also tells officers to factor in whether someone crossed illegally, and if they could’ve found refuge within their home country or another country besides the United States.

If other members of the team wish to access the data we will have to pursue an ethical review addendum, but we have no plans to broaden access to the dataset at this time. We have no contractual agreements specific to this dataset, but the relationship between the University of Colorado and FSIG is mediated by a memorandum of understanding. The Principal Investigator and the Senior Foreign Investigator are responsible for auditing trial conduct in person, while the data manager audits the actual data being entered on a biweekly basis. Our team meets as a group to discuss study activities every other week, and data issues and inconsistencies are often addressed at that time. Between the PI, SFI, and other co-investigators on the study, site visits are made every 1 to 3 months to observe study activities and to provide audit and feedback on the consent process and data entry. It is the responsibility of the nurse to enroll patients in the study and to only offer home-based contraceptives to women living in intervention clusters.

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Finally, in response to grassroots and international pressure, Congress passed the 2008 law that criminalized femicide and physical, sexual, psychological, and economic violence. The law mandated the strengthening of existing institutions and the creation of new institutions that would specialize exclusively in VAW, including specialized courts. These and other postconflict reforms to enhance women’s legal access generated institutions that challenged VAW’s normalization and impunity. Yet new institutions were systematically under-resourced, concentrated in urban centers, and connected to insufficiently reformed institutions that undercut their effectiveness, limiting their impacts for poor, indigenous women in rural communities.

Indigenous Maya women in Guatemala show some of the worst maternal health indicators worldwide. Our objective was to test acceptability, feasibility and impact of a co-designed group psychosocial intervention (Women’s Circles) in a population with significant need but no access to mental health services. MADRE partners with Muixil, a community based organization of Indigenous Ixil women in Guatemala. Together, we founded Farming for the Future, a collective income-generating project that provides the Ixil women living in poverty with economic independence and food security and empowers them to demand their political rights.


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