Nissan Teana (since two thousand and thirteen) Check variator first

Nissan Teana (since two thousand and thirteen): Check the variator first.

One can hardly call a business sedan from Nissan a troublesome one under any circumstances. But when choosing a used one, don’t spare the money to diagnose it, paying extra attention to the box.

December 4, 2017, 4:34 pm.

Save the VARIATOR.

And it’s the continuously variable transmission that has already gained a sad reputation. Approximately 4 part of all owners of Teana face malfunctions of this box. Thus, there are cases of box failure due to wear of solenoids – actuators. But in warranty cars the variator is simply changed, and free of charge. As a whole, the owners are often to blame for premature breakage, who with all their heart polish asphalt while starting from a place or self-loosely tow in snow or dirt. Then quickly wear out not only a pusher belt (58 zero rubles.), and both pulleys (40 5 000 each). Therefore careful driving and timely replacement of water in the variator significantly prolongs its life.


There is a worldview that exactly Russian assembling became a precondition of “Teana” low corrosion firmness. Although residents of the country of the rising sun assure that the quality of production is identical: both in their homeland, and in America, and in the Russian Federation. Still, the body of a business sedan in our criteria rather quickly covered with chips and scratches, and in the first winter months, the paint is swollen on the trunk lid. Dealers readily repainted this part under warranty, often more than once. The reason turned out to be common: the cover was painted without primer.

The decorative shiny elements of a body also get the full program. Some parts, such as, for example, Nissan emblem and trunk lid trim, have been changed several times during the warranty period. Owners of Teana wrap these elements with a protective film beforehand to keep a marketable look.

The windshield is not durable, which is already scratched by wipers and dotted with chippings from stones in a year. You should not change it for an unusual part – it is better to buy a high quality non-original from eight thousand five hundred rubles. It is even cheaper and, most importantly, stronger. The owners of a business sedan are also dissatisfied with “crickets” in the interior and a creaky frontal panel. And here the climate system shows its own shrill voice practically at once. If it is possible to get rid of “crickets” and to glue a sound-absorbing composition over a torpedo, you will have to put up with humming work of the “climate”.


The base QR25DE series engine provides decent dynamics to a languid business sedan, but has a number of shortcomings. The timing mechanism uses a chain that stretches after 100,000-150 km. The first symptoms of malfunction – bad start of the engine on a cool and noticeable loss of power. Excellent still, if the electronics recognizes the defect in time and warns the driver lit up Check Engine light. After all, it may not happen, and enlarged in size timing chain skipped a couple of teeth, knocking off the timing phase, and then the pistons can meet the valves. In this case the repair is guaranteed (from 50,000 rubles.) or even replacement of the cylinder head. By the way, it is possible to ruin a head also because of obvious overheating. Therefore once in three years we advise to clean both radiators – of the motor and the cooler – with their disassembly. In the risk group of the motor also a phase-shifter clutch (for sixteen 500 rub.), crankcase drain valve, idle stroke (2300) and mass air flow sensors (6800) – they all can fail beforehand. In addition, service men recommend every 30 000-40 zero km clean the throttle valve control unit, as well as due to clogged with oil deposits mechanism engine control unit will give the command to stand in emergency mode.

On their own petrol V6 with an index VQ35DE is quite reliable, though, subject to high quality and timely service. Plus you need to watch the state of the candles – the engine is sensitive to ignition gaps. After a hundred thousand miles the engine starts to eat oil. Usually it is either the oil sealing caps or clogged EGR valve that is to blame. All other advice is basically the same as for the 4.


But the independent suspension of “Teana” can be considered as strong and not expensive in maintenance. The main injections into it will be required only after 100,000 km. and even more. Again, everything is depending on driving style: “schumakharera” always pay more often and more, than the measured and counterbalanced drivers. On a background of this well-being pale enough look only supporting bearings of front struts (for one thousand eight hundred rub.), which are worn out on 50,000-60 zero km of run. The springs themselves (for 6,500 rub.) often survive up to 100,000-50,000 km. The weakest link in the rear suspension is the arm silentblocks.

The steering rack is durable and often survives up to 100 50 000 km. Before the deadline, you will have to change the tie rods (two thousand three hundred rubles each).) and tips (1,900 each). Thus worn out lath can be replaced with the restored one for 20 5 000 rub., Taking into account that a new one costs two or even three times more.


The electric equipment often burns out the bulbs of exterior and interior illumination, the climate-control may malfunction, and the control unit of the electronic window lifter may malfunction. But these failures do not have a mass character.

You see, you cannot call Teana problematic. But when buying this car, in any case, you should enjoy a version with a variator. Then the 2.5-liter modification is a good choice – with this engine the load on the gearbox is markedly less than with the V6. The main thing is that there is plenty to choose from – such modifications prevail on the “secondary” market.


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